art 174 / 2018
Lorena Favot
Hot Chocolate
Wind And Roots
Wrapped Around
Caminho Das Águas
The Choice
The Snake
Baby, Swan And Friend
Lorena Favot: Voice
Mauro Costantini: Piano
Gaetano Valli: Guitar
Alessandro Turchet: Double Bass
Aljosa Jeric: Drums
Descrizione critica

Listening to the new project by Lorena Favot means entering a sound landscape, where the songs become places to visit. It is a music made up of internal dialogues, imbued with beauty and perspective, which speaks the language of intimacy and affection, playing with the notes of new compositions, almost all written by Favot and the members of his band. Landscapes is a journey through the most intense emotions, which has as its sole destination the infinite, symbol of the continuous becoming of man and of the transformations of society, in a landscape where the notes dance in an imaginative stage, almost a non-place.