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TRIESTE 30 min
VENICE 55 min
TREVISO 1 hour 15 min
Highway A4 - A23 Udine - Tarvisio - Austria direction
Highway A23 - exit UDINE NORD go on the bridge in front of you bring first out indication FELETTO Centre at the first big roundabout go ahead indication FELETTO UMBERTO at the 2rd little roundabout turn left (you must have BUILDING SUPPLIES SHOP on your left), than at the traffic light go ahead (you will see in front TRE-TI Arredamenti and PEGEOUT) go ahead in CAVALICCO centre (church on left, and "La bottega del formaggio" in front) at trafic light turn right, after TRATTORIA EVELINA, house on the right with big tree at the corner.
1. Bed and Breakfast:
Agriturismo TONUTTI (800 mt.)
Via Ribis 15/17
33010 - Adegliacco (Udine)
Tel. +39 0432 575335

Agriturismo Cjargnei
Via Mander 21
33040 Povoletto (Udine)
+39 347 5236155
Villa Coren
Via Cividale 1
Siacco di Povoletto (Udine)
Tel. 0432 679078
Agriturismo Dai Spadons
Azienda Agricola Masarotti
Via Divisione Julia 12
Pradamano (Udine)
tel. 0432 670196
2. Hotels:
Meditur Hotel Udine Nord
close to highway exit UDINE NORD
Via Alpe Adria, 10
33010 Tavagnacco (Udine)
Tel. +39 0432 570666
Fax +39 0432 575929
Hotel CONTINENTAL Best Western
Via Tricesimo, 71 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-46969
Fax +39 0432-43293
Hotel Clocchiatti & Next
via Cividale, 29
33100 Udine
tel 0432 505047
fax 0432 505047
Hotel B&B Udine
Via Duino, 8 (laterale Via Cividale) - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-509905
Fax +39 0432-507287
Via Forni di Sotto, 28 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-470994
Fax +39 0432-479835
Via di Toppo, 25 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-501683
Fax +39 0432-200588
3. Luxury Hotels:
Hotel LA' DI MORET Best Western
Viale Tricesimo, 276 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-545096
Fax +39 0432-545096
Hotel ASTORIA - Udine centre
Piazza XX Settembre, 24 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-505091
Fax +39 0432-509070
Via Carducci, 46 - Udine
Tel. +39 0432-503777
Fax +39 0432 503711
4. Food:
Ristorante Da Piera
Via Centrale n. 2
Adegliacco di Tavagnacco
tel. 0432-1792279
chiusura Lunedì e Martedì
Orari dalle 11:00 alle 14:00 e dalla 17:00 alle 24:00
Ristorante & cocktail bar NIU'
Via Nazionale, 40
33010 Tavagnacco (Ud)
tel. 0432 484739
chiuso la domenica
Ristorante / Pizzeria ALL'ANCONA 2
Viale Tricesimo 101 - Udine
tel. 0432 545262
chiuso il martedì
Ristorante ALLA VEDOVA
Via Tavagnacco, 9
33100 Udine (UD)
chiuso domenica sera e lunedì
Trattoria DA EVELINA
close to studio for a fast dinner
Ristorante / Pizzeria AL FOGOLAR
Via Udine 12 - Feletto Umberto (Udine)
tel. 0432 573022
chiuso il giovedì
Via A. Di Prampero, 2 - Udine
tel. 0432 501066
chiuso domenica e lunedì
Trattoria AL GROP
P.zza della Chiesa 7 - Tavagnacco (Udine)
tel. 0432 660240
chiuso mercoledì sera e giovedì
Via Viola 7 - Udine
tel. 0432 21296
chiuso il mercoledi
Ristorante AL PARCO
Via Stretta del Parco 7
33042 - Buttrio (Udine)
tel. 0432 674025
chiuso il martedì sera e mercoledì
Viale Trento e Trieste 63
San Daniele del Friuli (UD)
tel. 0432 957322
chiuso mercoledi sera e giovedi
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Any material recorded by Artesuono relating to clients will be provided to the clients as master stereo files or multitrack sessions after full payment due to Artesuono occurs.
Artesuono will then keep a backup of separate audio files, sessions and masters but will not however accept responsibility for damage, theft or losses relating to such backups.
Artesuono will do its best to insure safe keeping of these files, but does not guarantee this as a service.
Please, request or give us your personal hard disk for a safe back up.
Artesuono does not accept responsibility of copyright infringement regarding the works of clients.
It is the sole duty of the client to insure that work is copyrighted before the recording process begins.