art 173 / 2018
Mauro Costantini Bus Horn Band
Volume 1
The Castle of Crossed Destinies
Bus Horn
Traffic Light Gone Haywire
Moby Dick
Hot Chocolate
Sweet Revelations
Stuck Here
Empty Hours
The Empereor’s Nightingale
After We’ve Gone
All songs written and arranged by Mauro Costantini
Mauro Costantini: Hammond organ C3
Luca Calabrese: trumpet & flugelhorn
Piero Cozzi: alto & baritone saxophone
Miodrag Radovic: drums
Federico Luciani: percussions
Descrizione critica

The jazz played these days may at times seem overly complex, structured and even bizarre. There’s also a tendency in many cases towards seeking to catalogue, package and label the musical product in order to make it attractive once tied up in a nice parcel, despite what’s inside. Who knows therefore whether Mauro Costantini’s Bus Horn Band can represent, without actually meaning to, a sort of reverse trend, offering an openly “no-project” music, without concepts, research or experimentation, different or varied perspectives or varyingly improbable influences. A direct and immediate, swinging jazz, simple (in the best sense of the word), i.e. accessible without sinking into banality. It’s as if the sound of a bus horn has the sole purpose of alerting to its bulky presence, just as these tracks only set out to be listened to, to be pleasing for what they are and to point out to the small world of Italian jazz - asking and pestering a little - that there’s a place too for Mauro and his band.