art 089 / 2010
Walkin' In a New Direction
Bonus Track: LUCKY MAN (rehearsal studio version)
Anthony Basso: Guitars, vocals
Fabio Drusin: Bass, vocals, percussion
Silvano "Silver" Bassi: Drums, percussion
U.T. Ghandi: Percussion
Glauco Venier: Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ
Mauro "8" Ottolini: Trombone
Descrizione critica

 “W.I.N.D. is a power trio with strength, song writing and improvvisation capacity that I haven’t heard since the times of Gov’t Mule with Allen Woody” (Johnny Neel/ Allman Brothers Band)

Artesuono produzioni musicali and recording studio is proud to announce the new and long awaited album release by W.I.N.D. entitled “Walking In a New Direction”.

The album will be distributed by IRD Italia as well as digitally by I-Tunes Music store. Independant disributers will represent the band around Europe and Japan and will be available during May 2010.

A Hot Come Back with a new line up which sees Fabio Drusin (Vocals, Bass Guitar and percussions), Anthony Basso (Voice, Guitar) and Silver Bassi on (Drums).

“Walking In a New Direction” oozez with rock vintage and ballads with a 70’s blues/rock flavour without ever taking away the typical sound of a power trio packed with a “jam” vibe.
In some of the tracks one can breathe in the retrò feel assisted by some of the top Italian jazz musicians such as Glauco Venier (Electric piano, Hammond organ), Mauro Ottolini (Trombone) and U.T.Gandhi (Percussions).

An album that shows particular attention in the songwriting, soulful voices and melodies as in the opening track “Amnesia” which displays a typical 70’s rock riff (an album recorded the old fashioned way, in four days!) where the two voices intertwine and open spaces without boundaries thus avoiding branding the band in a single direction. An album that has energy and variety allowing the listner to travel through different shades of acustic moments, blues, funk/rock, with a psychedelic vintage feel.

The general sound of “Walking In a New Direction” recalls the spirit of bands such as The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin and more recently Gov’t Mule and Black Crowes, (with whom the lead vocalist Fabio Drusin has already collaborated, not to mention the recent European tours where W.I.N.D provided the rhythmic section to the Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Muscle Theory tours) this also thanks to the excellent slide guitar work done by Anthony Basso and by the melodic lines and retro, distorted sound of Fabio Drusin’s Bass, who creates a powerful and never dull rhythmic base together with Silver Bassi’s drum work.
The album sees only one cover of the track “Funky To The Bone” a piece from the 70’s rearranged by the band which is a demonstration of the passion and attachment to the old Sly Stone style of black soul and funk.

The final product is a Rock CD worth listening to, the best of W.I.N.D. discography, accompanied by an inlay booklet with lyrics by the composers Fabio Drusin and Anthony Basso. The inlay shows the new line up, photographed by the photographer and art designer Alessandro Laporta.

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