20 Dicembre 2011
2012 will see the new CD release "Solitudini" by Juri Dal Dan Trio & Francesco Bearzatti.

 If the previous release "Trilogia di un Viaggiatore" spoke of the journey of Juri Dal Dan's immaginary traveller Dosti Kudret, this CD "Le solitudini" places emphasis on the need of occasional solitude, a need for getting in touch with one's nevrosis and sensibilities. All the compositions are inspired by this theme, the aim is to allow all the poetic aspects to emerge no matter how bizarre or contradictory, as solitude may at times become a need for survival in a sensible universe that stil allows us to be human.

Concerts: February 4th 2012 - Teatro don Bosco


March 17th 2012 - Hotelbologna - Via Piave 214

Mestre (VE)