20 Dicembre 2011
January 2012 - Lorena Favot & Gaetano Valli "Acustikè" new CD release.

 Lorena Favot and Gaetano Valli share a long history of common experience, often sharing the stage due to not only geographical nearness but great artistic understanding. Finally this new project takes life due to the necessity of making this collaboration official. The CD title "Acustikè" is due to the overall "unplugged" and deliberate spontaneous feeling of the album and for the first time Gaetano Valli author of numerous instrumental albums confronts himself with his compositions this time accompanied by lyrics. Lorena Favot has proven to be a quality author of music and lyrics as well as a top jazz singer!

Formation: Lorena Favot - Voice and loop, Gaetano Valli - classic guitar and semi-acoustic, Alessandro Turchet - doublebass, Luca Colussi - drums and percussions.